AC Servo Electric Press Brake / YSP

New AC servo press brake with high precision,
saving energy and excellent cost performance
YSP line up a series of machine.

YSP series press brake realizes dramatically the silent, low oscillating and power
saving performance. YSP can perform over 100 ton and 6M long capacity which the
conventional AC servo press brake cannot. YSP performs the remarkable high
precision bending processing with AC servo high precision accuracy and the high
rigidity of machine structure.

New AC servo press brake with high precision, saving energy and excellent
cost performance equipped with ATC(automatic tool changer).


  • The link structure realizes max. effect with min. energy. As a result, the motor capacity becomes 1/3of the conventional one.
  • PAT.P The eccentric offset system makes ram speed up. PAT.P
  • YSP new servo press brake improves dramatically the silent, low oscillating and power saving performance.
  • incredible open height 600mm. Over 600mm is also available as optional. (Open height 880mmmachine was delivered.)
  • The machine structure with the high rigidity of the ram and the bed reduces the deformation of the
    machine frame with the frame gap max. below 150mm



  • You can easily clamp and unclamp punches.
  • You can set up the punches of no groove, with groove and taper with groove.


  • Easy clamp operation by one push button and available for ATC(automatic tool changer.)

YSP CNC control

  • Color touch screen PC and easy operation.
  • You can download the bending data from the server via network.
  • Use of open format DXF does not need value input. (optional)
  • Quick search for production control data (products name, processed date, used tools etc.)

High performance backgauge

  • 2 stoppers are equipped as standard. Backgauge is controlled back and forth, right and left,up and down movement by NC control.
  • Max. 5axis is available. 4 axis is for small size of press brake(below 3m long).
  • Additional stoppers and sensor are also available.

Various optional devices

ATC(automatic tool changer) system

  • ATC system quickly changes 3 punches and 3 dies. It reduces the conventional tool set-up time dramatically. PAT.P

Crowning device

  • The crowning device compensates the bending angle and straightness to the deflection. (Manual crowning is standard. Automatic crowning is optional.)

Follow-up device for material flip-up

  • A worker's burden for lifting materials is eliminated, and it prevents the occurrence of a defective product due to buckling.

Material support device

  • This support device is equipped at the front and rear of the machine which supports the bending operation. It reduces the operator's burden and prevents from falling down the materials in the machine and from improper backgauge stoppers setting.

Special tool

  • We design and supply the special tools.

Safety device

  • Laser and optical safety device is available.

Loading and robot etc.

  • The material loading system and processing automation system
    by robot are also available.We propose various system as a special machine manufacturer.


AC servo press brake YSP 40-13/60-20/120-30/120-40/200-30/200-40/300-40/300-50

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