Servo Drive Panel Bender / YSB

Servo Drive Panel Bender

Servo Drive Panel Bender is Ease to use, high speed processing, high precision, stable production enabled.

All 11 axis is drived & controlled by AC Servo Motors

No hydraulic source at all
Maintenance -free machinery
No influence by temperature at all.
Noise or vibration is suppressed at minimum range.
In addition, More ECO than hydraulic energy.

Semi-Automatic type

Work material is just positioned to finger stoppers by one operator.
All bending is automatically processed by Bender except positioning materials.

All your material handling operation is as below

1. Loading
2. Positioning to finger stopper
3. Rotatoring
4. Unloading

No flip-up or support of work-materials

Upbending, Downbending or Hemming without flip-up or support.

Automatic tool length change

You can automatically change it according to specified length of materials as you wish.
It's automatic length range between 395mm and 2495mm every 5mm.
The dies of Edges at both sides is adapted open-type.
You can also attach R type or closing dies for both edges. (Option)

Samples of bending shapes

Consult us for R bending application.

Easy input

You can bend it by input shape andbending sequences in the monitor.

Bending sample

We introduce various panel bending samples
Our panel bender YSB-2515 has brilliant bending capability for "sheetless" steel panel, which has been "impossible" to bend it without any visible damage.
Any visible damage to materials is almost gone.
It can be extremely reduced scratches or stripping protection sheet.
You can also skip welding process in some cases, which result in cost down for the products.
1. complexed bending shape unlike standard press brake
2. Small flange bending is also possible.
We will suggest better solution than you have now based upon various achievements & test data.
We are ready to advice you another solution for various materials.For your inquiry, clickhere

Type: YSB-2515

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