Automatic labor-saving line

We will design and manufacture to meet customer's desired specifications and we will respond with responsibility until the production line flows smoothly.

Automatic Steel Panel Bending Line

Application: Office partitions for office buildings.
Automatic Bending the four sides of various steel panels in CNC sequences.


Thickness 0.4 ~ 0.8mm
Materials SPCC or PCM
Bending size min.300 x 200 ~ max.3000 x 1500mm
Flanges 4 ~ 40mm
Angle 90°
R Bending thickness x 2.2R at 0.5mm
Energy source full servo motors

Automatic Steel Panel Bending Line

Application: panels for Bath
Bending the two sides of various steel panels according to your own shapes.


Thickness 0.6mm
Materials PCM
Bending size 1200mm
Angle 90°
R Bending thickness x 2
Energy source full servo motors

Special purpose machine

We will introduce products designed and manufactured in response to various customer's requests.

Transfer Press

Hydraulic Transfer Press in 3 separate stations with automatic panel transfer function.


Q'ty of station 3
Press capa 500kN×3
Energy source Hydraulic
Length of stroke 300mm
Bolster area 700mm×300mm×3
Length of each station 300mm
Transfer by vacuum pads

Hydraulic Roll Foaming Press

Hydraulic Roll Foaming Press. It's roll-foamed in few processing stages.


Press capa 700kN
Energy source Hydraulic
Length of stroke 150mm
Open Height 650mm
Bolster area 770mm×800mm
Roll Drive force
Max. drive 150kN
Max. stroke 300mm

W Crank Wide Head

It is divided into few production process and guraduately squeezed materials with
automatic transferring function


Press capa 500kN
Energy source Inverter
Length of stroke 150mm
SPM of stroke Max.60spm
Shut height 290mm
Ram adjustment 60mm
Bolster area 1400mm×500mm

Shell Punching & Automatic Surface planer

Automatic Punching Machine with HSP Generator punching or planning of the surface in
four processes while shell type materials is positioned automatically.


Q'ty of station 5
Punching press capa. 150kN×1  75kN×4
Energy source Hydraulic
Station distance 600mm
Transfer by clump chucking
Cycle time 7sec

Notching or Punching Press

Custom Notching or Punching press for long materials by transferring one side of work


Notching capa. 200kN
Notching position 3mm
Energy source Servo
Length of stroke 50mm
SPM of station 40spm
Carriage distance 500mm

Wings Panel Bender

This is 4 wings bender for outer panels of home electronics products.
Four corners are bended by this bender.


Bending width 755mm
Edge bending 636mm from closing bend
Closing bend 610mm
Thickness 0.8t
Materials PCM
Bending R 15R for edge bending. 60R for closed bending.

Hybrid Panel Bender

This is hybrid panel bender.
Mixed source by hydraulic and servo motors.


Thickness 0.6 ~ 0.8mm
Materials PCM/ SPCC
Bending length Max.2100mm
Flange 5~40mm
Angle 90°
Bending R thickness ×2

Tangent Bender

This is custom bender for corners.
Corners can be bended to R shapes.


Thickness 0.8mm
Materials PCM
Bending length Max.1200mm
Bending R 25mm
Bending method Upbending tangent bender
Process time 15sec
Energy source Hydraulic
Other function Material extractor

Automatic Hermetic Terminals Ass'y Machine

This is automatic ass'y machine for assembling various small hermetic terminal parts.


Tact time 18sec/pce
Total ass'y parts Q'ty 12 parts/pce
Kinds of the parts 5 kinds/pce
Feeder parts feeder and conveyor
Material positioning by servo motors and fiber sensors.
Material transfer Stepping motors and air cylinders.
Others automatic NG parts feeder on total 12 process.

We will manufacture various press machines and sheet metal machine tools according to customer's specifications.
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