AC Servo Electric Press Brake /Servo Drive Panel Bender /CNC Notching Press Machine / HSP Generator with Self-Piercing Riveter
We introduce the main products of YOSHINO MANUFACTORY CO.,LTD .

Automatic shape steel processing machine YK series

We will build a line according to your work size, thickness, and factory layout.


AC Servo Electric Press Brake/YSP

By limiting the capacity of the drive motor to 1/3 of the conventional one, the maximum pressurized torque can be output with minimum energy, maximum work is possible, not only improvement of production efficiency, but also energy saving and environmental improvement can be helped.


Servo Drive Panel Bender (Servo Bender)/YSB

・ User-friendly Operation
・ High-Speed Bending
・ High Accuracy
・ High Quality
・ Stable Production
Panel Bender derived by Servo Motor.


HSP Generator with Self-Piercing Riveter

・Generator in hydraulic source.
・Riveting for chassis of truck/bus


CNC Notching Press Machine

Notching press of Stator/Rotor core laminations for
Generator or Motor


We have offered many stand-alone machine, automatic labor saving lines.
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