Customer Voice

We’ve been delivering the products respecting customers voice. Brief introduction from direct customer voices in this corner.

Comments from Customer B ( Steel Furniture manufacture)

We introduced YOSHINO Servo Panel Bender at the end of 2009. For our application, the products is bended accordingly by 3 Press brakes. (3 operators) In this time,by introducing YOSHINO bender,Just one operator made it possible to bend all side ! Also,easy-operation without physical burdens together! Our current facilities still were consisted of hydraulic press brakes. Introduction of "ECO" servo bender result in not only electric energy-saving,but also maintenance- free due to no hydraulic. All of our operators are really appreciated to accept such cleanness. In addition,your after-service is well take care of us. Your performance & engineering also made us realize how good partner we have. Thank you

Comments by YOSHINO Sales Officer

Our mission is much required for big impact of cost down to customers, especially after Leeman Shocks. "Customers always ask us to "suggest reducing production processes or saving the times to change lieu arrangements or " higher productivity by intensifying some processes." In such circumstances,YOSHINO was fully reviewed and then made a decision to introduce YOSHINO. Of course, our product made good performance at the site and also received they were happy with YOSHINO. Once again we feel good to hear such a comment on introduction of YOSHINO servo bender We also received comments on after-service and engineering capability. Our further performance will be keeping on to the customer. Thank you

Comments from Customer A ( Door panel manufacture)

In this time,we introduced 1 set of YOSHINO servo drive panel bender. We've been manufacturing the products by using 3 - 4 press brakes. That's was time-consuming procedures in limited spaces. After introducing YOSHINO,No need to change dies or transfer materials to next !! It can be changed automatically. YOSHINO made it shorter cycle time, cost down & increasing production volume ! The merits of YOSHINO is as below in short ; 1. No flip-up operation by operator 2. Reducing physical burdens of operator 3. No manual change of the dies 4. Lower noise and user-friendly operation.

Comments by YOSHINO sales officer

Thank you very much for your introduction of YOSHINO. We,YOSHINO,really appreciated to hear your comments on our servo bender. We've been supporting manufacturing processes to customers and then suggesting improvements of productions. That's our sales policy to customers. We're very much proud of receiving such comments as one of manufacturers. It reminds us that our suggestions lead to customer's satisfaction in the field and was very confident in the products. We are not only just supplier of the machinery, but also pursuing further advance for user-friendly machinery.