YOSHINO MANUFACTORY CO.,LTD. has established in Tokyo on 1948.
Since then we’ve been supplying various kinds of the products in the metal foaming & fabricating industries.
We passionately focus on the promotion of continuous innovations of great value to the industries.
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of YOSHINO MANUFACTORY’s establishment,
We have made another launch to global market with this redesigned web site.
We also believe that our stand-alone machineries or the lines are acceptable for not only potential
growth in emerging countries,
but also can contribute the compelling new idea through experiences for stimulating our innovation processes.
We would like to ask for your encouragement and warm support.

Thank you

Company Profile

Date of Establishment Mar.,1948
Head Office & Factory 1-5-18, Onodai, Midori-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, 267-0056, JAPAN
Capital Stock JP\15,000,000.-
Number of Employees 50 employees
Contact Tel: +81-43-312-5900
Fax: +81-43-312-0509
Main Customers


  • IHI Corporation
  • RB Co.,Ltd.
  • Isuzu Motors Co.,Ltd.
  • Isuzu Body Co.,Ltd.
  • Itoki Corporation
  • INAX Co.,Ltd.
  • Edosaki Kyouei Industrial Co.,Ld.
  • Okamura Corporation
  • Orion Techno Co.,Ltd.
  • Katsushika Co.,Ltd.
  • Kakuichi Co.,Ltd.
  • Kyouei Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Kyokuto Kaihastu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Cosmo Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Kotohira Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • Sunwave Corporation
  • Sanden Corporation
  • Sanwa Shutter Corporation
  • Sanwa Taima Corporation
  • JFE Metal products & Engineering Inc.
  • ShinMywa Industries Ltd.
  • Suyama Corporation
  • Takebe Co.,Ltd.
  • Tachi-S Co.,Ltd.
  • Chofu Seisakusho Ltd.
  • TR Kenzai Co.,Ltd.
  • Toshiba Carrier Corporation
  • Tokuriki-Honten Co,Ltd.
  • Tostem Corporation
  • UD trucks Co.,Ltd.
  • Nihon Art Co.,Ltd.
  • Hitachi Appliances,Inc.
  • Hino Motors,Ltd.
  • Feintool Japan Co.,Ltd.
  • Forme Co.,Ltd.
  • Press Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Panasonic Home Applianes
  • Corporation
  • Miyahara Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
  • Yaskawa Motor Corporation
  • Yokogawa Manufacturing Corporation
  • Yokogawa Electronics
  • MFG.Corporation
  • Ryowa Shatai-Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Other 30 companies

Others except Japan

  • (South Korea)Daejeong Industrial Co.,Ltd.
  • (South Korea)Curon Co.,Ltd.
  • (South Korea)Hangnam Co.,Ltd.
  • (South Korea)Sam Bin Core Co.,Ltd.
  • (China)Panasonic Refrigeration Devices Wuxi Co., Ltd.
  • (China)Shanghai Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
  • (China)China National Heavy Duty Truck Co.,Ltd.
  • (China)Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co.,Ltd.
  • (China)Tostem Housing Products (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
  • (Taiwan)Chunhwa Motor Co.,Ltd.
  • (Taiwan)Scania Taiwan
  • (Taiwan)KiaShen Corp.
  • (Malaysia)Panasonic Refrigeration Devices Malaysia Sdn Ltd.
  • (Malaysia)Hino Motors Malaysia
  • (Indonesia)Hino Motors Indonesia
  • (Indonesia)GKD Indonesia
  • (Thailand)Scania Thailand
  • (Thailand)Tostem Thailand Co.,Ltd.
  • (Vietnam)Hino Motors Vietnam
  • (Turkey)TEMSA
  • (Turkey)Anador Isuzu
  • (Singapore)Panasonic Refrigeration Devices
  • (Africa)AVA.Kenya
  • (Africa)UD Trucks South Africa
  • (Africa)GM Egypt SAE
  • (Africa)Ghabbour SAE
  • (Africa)Auto-Hall
  • (Latin America)Hino Motors Colombia
  • (Latin America)MAV Venezuela
  • (Latin America)Toyota de Venezuela
  • (Europe)Hitachi Airconditioning Europe.Spain
  • (Europe)MAV Spain
  • (Europe)
  • Other 20 companies

Corporate Philosophy

  • Customer FirstWe will provide customers High quality products & service for full satisfaction.
  • Innovation & CreativityWe will pursue creativity of great value for stimulating continuous innovations of technology.
  • Challenge & Best EffortWe, all staff, will continue to make challenges with high target of technology.
  • Social ContributionsWe will be one of the enterprises on the earth based on the idea of “coexistence” with global society. We make every effort to contribute to society and fulfill corporate responsibility by continuously refining technology.