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Bending samples:No visible damages to PCM with/without protection sheet.for Closing or Small flange bending.

We introduce various panel bending samples
Our panel bender YSB-2515 has brilliant bending capability for "sheetless" steel panel, which has
been "impossible" to bend it without any visible damage.

Any visible damage to materials is almost gone.
It can be extremely reduce scratches or stripping protection sheet.
You can also skip welding process in some cases, which result in cost down for the products.
1. complexed bending shape unlike standard press brake
2. Small flange bending is also possible.
We will suggest better solution than you have now based upon various achievements & test data.
We are ready to advice you another solution for various materials.
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Bending figure samples

R bending application is also possible.
For others,Send us your inquiry.

PCM with protection sheet 0.8t PCM without protection sheet.  0.6t
PCM without protection sheet.  0.8t Galvanized steel  1.6t
Galvanized steel 0.5t SPCC panel  0.8t
Stainless  0.5t Stainless  1.0t